Make Amazing Interfaces

Specializing in Responsive Design

We provide a custom set of responsive open-source tools for individuals and organizations to create powerful websites and meet their unique needs in creativity, communications and commerce. 

Interchanges enables community-makers to build strong, functional websites by bypassing conventional barriers to access including complicated development platforms, increasing hosting fees, and decreasing privacy and security.
User Friendly
Our custom network environment is powered by WordPress and provides access to a set of tested plugin features and tools, allowing collaboration and connection among members in a user friendly environment.
Our newswire aggregates all public content published by members into a searchable feed of content by artists and organizations with similar and intersecting goals, while automating publishing out into the world of social networks, saving you time.
Our custom website templates are built in a secure virtual server environment and enable implementation of web development, hosting services, business development, branding, design, and creative content.

Our Process

We help artists and organizations build meaningful, seamless digital and real experiences for their communities by building together. Our custom network environment allows collaboration and connection among members in a user friendly environment. Our flexible, ever-evolving infrastructure enables truly independent social networks; our current members cooperatively create, circulate, and curate progressive multimedia for both private and public audiences.

Design Matters

We believe the only way to sustain true social change is to shift the business practices that underlie and undermine our privacy and overcharge for digital tools to organize our communities. Interchanges does not use any programmatic advertising networks. Members and their readers are free to thrive online without unwanted eyes or algorithms. We are committed to bolstering the integrity of hyperlocal community, everywhere, in a way that protects our privacy.

Interchanges is a cooperative media network supporting artists, writers, musicians, creative organizations, collectives and companies.